Mads Solgaard Thomsen

  • Centre of Integrative Ecology and Marine Ecology Research Group
  • School of Biological Sciences, University of Canterbury UCAN web-page
  • Phone: +64 3 366 7001 ext. 7076, Office: Biological Sciences 233, Google Scholar
  • Ph.D. 2004. Environmental Sciences. University of Virginia, US PDF
  • MSc. 1998. Environmental Biology and Geography, Roskilde University, Denmark


Olivia Doyle
(MSc): Foraminifera in Lyttelton Harbour (Catherine Reid is primary supervisor)

Micaela Pullen (MSc, to the left): Fish in seagrass beds (Sarah Flanagan is primary supervisor)

Derek Gerber (MSc): Impacts of marine heatwaves on estuarine foundation species

Sophie Papanek (MSc): Ocean warming and the distribution of habitat-forming seaweed

Finn Ross (Honors): Seaweed Growth rates in Lyttelton harbour in the context of Blue Carbon

Shinae Montie (MSc; Finished 2020):  Remote sensing of Southern Ocean phytoplankton blooms in a warming world PDF


Travis Foster (Phd, Finished 2019): Competition or facilitation between co-existing foundation species – with implications for biodiversity and conservation PDF

Luca Mondardini (Masters; Finished 2018): Loss of bull kelp and biodiversity following a cataclysmic earthquake PDF


Alfonso Siciliano (Phd; Finished 2018): Testing when and how habitat cascades control biodiversity of marine benthic ecosystems PDF 

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 4.26.35 PM

Dave Brockerhoff (Masters: Finished 2018): Ecological interactions between the invasive seaweed Undaria pinnatifida and the Green-lipped mussels Perna canaliculus PDF

Isis Metcalfe (Masters: Finished 2017): Phenological, physiological and ecological factors affecting the relationship between Hormosira banksii and its obligate epiphyte Notheia anomala PDF


Eliza Oldach (Fulbright visitor; Finished 2016): Herbivory in estuaries; keystone consumption or cascading habitat-formation?


Thomas Hildebrand (Masters: Finished 2014): Interactions between cockles, parasites and epibiota in the Avon Heathcote Estuary, Christchurch, New Zealand PDF

Key Collaborators